Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alyssa and Justin - Citrus County Florida

Alyssa and Justin got married yesterday at the Beverly Hills Community Church in Citrus County. You might remember them from their engagement session we posted not too long ago. The coolest thing about these two is that they are down for whatever. Thats awesome!!! We love when clients trust us enough to let us choose locations for some pictures. What is even better is that they risked their lives to get some of them.. lol... Not really, unless you count walking across 4 lanes of traffic as life threatening.

Well enough chatter.. Lets see the images!! As always, leave comments if you feel inclined to..

This is perhaps my favorite shot this year

Alyssa and her dad on the way to the church

This shot is the same as the one above. The only difference is that we added a blur to the bottom to give something a little different. We don't do this effect too often, but it works for this one and we wanted to show it :)

Gotta love the lens flare :)

We love these next two.. It shows great emotion during a very emotional time (the father daughter dance)

Now this was one of the best mother-son dances we have seen. We have seen the rehearsed dances between the bride and groom before, but we cannot recollect a time when we saw a dance performed by the groom and his mother.. AWESOME!!!

Who would have thought something as simple as cupcakes could look so cool!

We have been playing with shooting more dramatic shots. What better time than just before sunset with the awesome colors in the sky.

This one was shot in the middle of the woods.. Thanks Alyssa for being so willing :)

Well thats it for now. Check back later for some maternity pictures and an engagement session.

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Anonymous said...

Curtiss they are perfect. We love them and cant wait to see the rest of them. Thank you and Valerie so much it made our day pefect