Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reese's Senior Portraits

Reese recently came in for a Senior Portrait Session. Many seniors choose our sessions instead of the ones that the school provides because it gives them more opportunity to get the images that they want. We try to reflect the personalities of the seniors. We tell them to bring items and to wear clothing that is reflective of their personalities.... not just what their parents want them to wear :)

We try to do several different poses with the seniors to keep things a bit different. This session was no different. Reese rocked it!!!

We have started to push the "Rules of Photography" a bit by doing some more dramatic lighting. This is by no means the glamor lighting you see in magazines. What it does is brings a sense of drama to the images as you can see in the first 3 images below.

Well thats it for now. Check back later for a few more sessions we just wrapped up.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brittany and Gary

You've seen the video.. Now its time to see the images :)

This post is different than most of the others on here. We decided to post mostly desaturated, sepia or B&W images from the session. We felt that the desaturated color made these images stand out more and become more dramatic.

When talking about locations with our clients, we try to think of somewhere in the area where they live so that they do not have to drive too far. Well Brittany and Gary live near our studio, and as many know, Crystal River is not known for its perfect photographic backdrops. I mentioned a local beach that is pretty popular for pictures. It wasnt received too well at first because "Everyone does their pictures out there". I finally talked them into doing the session at the beach. As they saw, we are not like most other photographers who photograph at that location. We do a lot that many others do not even think of doing.. Many would not even know where the pictures were taken unless we told them.

So when thinking of locations for your session, do not worry if everyone does their pictures there. We can make them look different :)

Thanks again guys for an awesome session.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brittany and Gary's Engagement Video

Brittany and Gary were volunteers for our newest edition to our packages. We are now able to offer video. Check back later this week for a post all about this package.

Until then, enjoy this video. (push the HQ button to view in its highest quality)

But first... Congratulations to Brittany for becoming Miss Citrus County 2009!! :)

Thanks guys for being willing participants. Can't wait to shoot your wedding in December!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alyssa and Justin - Citrus County Florida

Alyssa and Justin got married yesterday at the Beverly Hills Community Church in Citrus County. You might remember them from their engagement session we posted not too long ago. The coolest thing about these two is that they are down for whatever. Thats awesome!!! We love when clients trust us enough to let us choose locations for some pictures. What is even better is that they risked their lives to get some of them.. lol... Not really, unless you count walking across 4 lanes of traffic as life threatening.

Well enough chatter.. Lets see the images!! As always, leave comments if you feel inclined to..

This is perhaps my favorite shot this year

Alyssa and her dad on the way to the church

This shot is the same as the one above. The only difference is that we added a blur to the bottom to give something a little different. We don't do this effect too often, but it works for this one and we wanted to show it :)

Gotta love the lens flare :)

We love these next two.. It shows great emotion during a very emotional time (the father daughter dance)

Now this was one of the best mother-son dances we have seen. We have seen the rehearsed dances between the bride and groom before, but we cannot recollect a time when we saw a dance performed by the groom and his mother.. AWESOME!!!

Who would have thought something as simple as cupcakes could look so cool!

We have been playing with shooting more dramatic shots. What better time than just before sunset with the awesome colors in the sky.

This one was shot in the middle of the woods.. Thanks Alyssa for being so willing :)

Well thats it for now. Check back later for some maternity pictures and an engagement session.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check out what we got!! Thank you to all our clients for making this possible.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jacquelyn and Brian- Crystal River United Methodist Church and Citrus Hills Lodge

Jacquelyn and Brian got married yesterday at the Crystal River United Methodist Church and had their reception at the Citrus Hills Lodge. We have shot a few wedding receptions at the Citrus Hills Lodge and we are always amazed with the different themes and settings they use for each wedding. It is nice having a place that keeps things different. You would be amazed at how many places use the same type of theme for each and every wedding.

Just as each wedding is different, we try to shoot each wedding differently as well. There were quite a few opportunities to get some unique shots, some of which will be posted below and others a few days later once we get back to the studio to process them.

Until then, enjoy a few below (in no particular order)