Thursday, June 6, 2013

2014 Senior Reps | Citrus County Senior Portraits

Our Senior Portraits Program is growing quickly. Each year we do what we call a senior rep program where we select a few upcoming seniors to represent our senior portrait services for the Class of 2014. This year we have 8 girls from the local high schools in Citrus County: Citrus High School, Lecanto High School and Crystal River High School. We provide these reps with valuable discount cards that are only available through them. So if you are ready for your senior portraits, contact one of your school's reps for the discount card. This year's discount is 60% off your session fee if you book before June 30th. The session can take place anytime throughout the year, but you need to call to pay for it before June 30th, otherwise, you will not be eligible for the 60% discount.

We are known for our stylish senior portraits. We like to have fun and want our clients to have a blast with us. Gone are the days of just sitting and looking at the camera. We provide a model for a day experience that you simply cant get at other studios. Come to our 1300sqft studio space in Lecanto or an outdoor location of your choice. We are available to go anywhere within Citrus County or the surrounding areas. We also have a few sessions that include travel throughout Florida and even the United States. And the best thing is, there are no additional travel fees. So you just meet us wherever you would like to do your senior portraits and have a blast.

Without further Ado, here are our class of 2014 senior reps:

Lecanto High School




Crystal River High School




Citrus High School



Jefferson High School (Jefferson, Georgia)


If you would like more information regarding our Senior Portraits please feel free to contact us or visit our website at

Victoria | Senior Portraits | Jefferson, GA

We recently had the pleasure of photographing Victoria for her senior portraits. We traveled to Jefferson, Georgia and did the session at a local park. We had a blast photographing Victoria. She did awesome. We like to create something different and fun for our senior portrait sessions. We found an antique chair at a local antique shop and decided it would be the perfect prop to throw in the middle of a stream. Its the shot that we envisioned when we saw the park on our scouting trip the day before. Victora pulled it off and now its one of our feature images in our studio.

Check out the images below!

Michelle and Miguel | The Peabody Orlando | Central Florida Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Miguel got married at the Peabody resort in Orlando. As Central Florida Wedding Photographers , it was an honor to photograph at The Peabody for the first time. What a treat. If you are thinking about getting married there, DO IT!!!! The place is awesome and your photographer will thank you :)

Back to Michelle and Miguel. We shot their engagement session a few months ago in Clearwater on the beach. From that moment, we knew that we would love to photograph their wedding day at The Peabody. They were awesome in front of the camera and showed real emotion with each other. We have been looking forward to their wedding day for months and it did not disappoint.

A little background. They have the same exact initials. They also have pretty much the same last name already. In fact, Michelle only has to change one letter in her last name. How cool is that. Not only that, but you could tell they were meant for each other. Disney couldnt have made a better story if they tried.

Not only were Michelle and Miguel amazing, their bridal party was a blast to work with as well. They have some awesome friends and family. We love to create fun images with the bridal party and they did not disappoint. The entire day was a blast. Congratulations Michelle and Miguel!!! Thank you for having us as your photographers. It was a treat.

Here is some of what we saw (more after the jump)