Thursday, June 6, 2013

Michelle and Miguel | The Peabody Orlando | Central Florida Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Miguel got married at the Peabody resort in Orlando. As Central Florida Wedding Photographers , it was an honor to photograph at The Peabody for the first time. What a treat. If you are thinking about getting married there, DO IT!!!! The place is awesome and your photographer will thank you :)

Back to Michelle and Miguel. We shot their engagement session a few months ago in Clearwater on the beach. From that moment, we knew that we would love to photograph their wedding day at The Peabody. They were awesome in front of the camera and showed real emotion with each other. We have been looking forward to their wedding day for months and it did not disappoint.

A little background. They have the same exact initials. They also have pretty much the same last name already. In fact, Michelle only has to change one letter in her last name. How cool is that. Not only that, but you could tell they were meant for each other. Disney couldnt have made a better story if they tried.

Not only were Michelle and Miguel amazing, their bridal party was a blast to work with as well. They have some awesome friends and family. We love to create fun images with the bridal party and they did not disappoint. The entire day was a blast. Congratulations Michelle and Miguel!!! Thank you for having us as your photographers. It was a treat.

Here is some of what we saw (more after the jump)