Monday, July 20, 2009

Katie and Beau - Huntington Beach State Park - South Carolina

Katie and Beau got married at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina on Sunday. It was a beautiful morning and I do not think it could have been more perfect.. well maybe if it was about 10 degrees cooler, but who is complaining =) The good thing was that it didnt rain. That is always the worst fear when having a beach wedding, particularly when people come hundreds of miles to attend the wedding and spend some time on the beach.

It was a blast to photograph their wedding. We also had the opportunity to shoot video for them as well (check back later for a trailer). We had met some of the family from a wedding we shot back in March, so we were somewhat familiar with them, so it made things much easier. It also helps that the family is some of the nicest people we have met. It is such a pleasure to work with people who are so nice. Thanks for everything.

Enjoy the images!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Danielle and Brandon - Liberty Park - Inverness

On Saturday, we had the privelage of shooting Danielle and Brandon's Engagement Session at Liberty Park in Inverness. Like most of our clients, they were very easy to work with and did everything that was asked.. which is a good thing because we ask our clients to do some crazy things sometimes... like sit in trees.. =) We look forward to shooting your wedding.

The most important thing for us as we do our engagement sessions is being able to show the relationship and closeness that our clients share in our posing techniques. We feel that that along with our lighting and editing skills helps sets us apart from others.

Danielle and Brandon are getting married next year.. We will be designing their save the date cards as well as a custom guest book. Check back later for those.. but until then.. enjoy images from this session =)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Marasco Family

We recently had the privilege to photograph the Marasco family. We shot they wedding a few years ago and this is the 2nd family session we were able to shoot for them. My how kids grow in a year. The biggest challenge with photographing families, particularly those with young children, is to keep their attention. Kids have a mind of their own, and in most cases, it is not on taking pictures. I do think that we managed to get a few great shots that the family can cherish for years to come.

This first one is our absolute favorite

The blocks had her name on them, but we took it off for the posting online as we do not like to post names of the children. So they were not just blank :)

Jen and Mike -- Engagement Session -- Boston Area

You may recognize Jen from Jennifer and Scott's wedding below. She was a bridesmaid in their wedding. We were recently in the Boston area for Jennifer and Scott's 2nd reception (images later this week), so we met up with Jen and Mike to shoot their engagement session while we were up there. The session was done at a local pond, which offered a nice outdoor location. Enjoy!!