Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Samantha and Orlando | Bahamas Engagement Session | Central Florida Photographer

Did you know that we are able to travel to a location of your choice for your wedding or portraits? As a Central Florida wedding photographer, we shoot a lot of the same locations over and over because that is what our clients see and would like to do. Every once in awhile someone wants to go somewhere different that they havent seen before. So we are able to accommodate those requests and travel to the location of your choice... even if its in the Bahamas.

Meet Samantha and Orlando.. Samantha is one of the models that I shoot quite often. I photographed her for her senior portraits a few years ago and have used her several times since for various projects. About a year ago she and Orlando got engaged and she made it known that I would be shooting their wedding and engagement portraits.

The only issue that we had was that she wanted to do them somewhere a bit different and a place that we normally dont use for engagement portraits. So I had mentioned the possibility of going on a cruise to the Bahamas and doing their engagement session there. She LOVED the idea and booked it.

So off we went to an "exotic" location for their session. We had a blast walking around downtown Nassau for their engagement session. Here are some of their images.. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next December. Who knows, there may even be a trip to Puerto Rico involved ;)... Stay tuned, but until then ENJOY!! :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family Portrait Month

Its October, so that means its family portrait month!!! So how about a little discount for those family portrait sessions?

Book a family portrait session with us in October (session can be in Oct or Nov) for $200 and we will credit $150 towards your purchase total. Best of all, ALL of our prints, wall portraits AND canvases are Buy One Get One free!! We are also extending the BOGO to our custom card designs (perfect for Christmas cards) and our new flip books which make great Christmas gifts for family.

We only have a limited number of these sessions and once they are gone, they are gone. So if you would like to reserve one for your family portraits, contact us today to reserve your spot. This is only valid for family portraits and the sessions had to take place before November 24th.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Product Offering

We recently decided to offer metal prints for our clients to purchase. When researching a few different companies to find out who provided the best quality, we decided on Nations Photo Lab ( as the lab to supply us with our metal prints.

Once we placed the order, we received it very quickly. The packaging was great and protected the print from damage that can occur during the transit. Upon opening the box when it arrived, we were amazed at the colors and the vibrancy that shows on the metal prints. Its amazing. We ordered the gloss version, so it also had a sheen to it that made it pop even more. To our surprise, the print was sturdier than we had anticipated it to be. It definately make an impression and its something that we have added to our lineup and will continue to offer our clients going forward. Thank you Nations for an awesome product we can offer our clients.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ashley | Maternity Portraits | Central Florida Photographer

We recently had the privilege of photographing Ashley's maternity session at our studio in Citrus County. We typically dont to a whole lot of studio type maternity sessions, so we ended up outside behind the studio. There is just something about that outdoor surroundings that add to the beauty of maternity portraits. Its something "different" and not traditional and if you follow our work, that is what we LOVE to photograph.

After the session, we decided that we wanted to do a few more outdoor portraits with her so we secured a local rustic location for a 2nd day of shooting. Ashley's maternity session was a blast to photograph. Its a privilege to be able to provide these types of images to our maternity clients. Thank you again Ashley for allowing us to capture this time for you.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tia and Mauricio | Engagement Session | Ybor City

We met Tia and Mauricio in Ybor City for their engagement session. Mauricio plays in a band and we felt that the old feel of Ybor would work perfect for them. As with most of our sessions, we meet and just walk around the area without much of a plan. It allows us to find the areas that will work best for their images without "having" to go to a particular place.

Here is what we captured for them. We cant wait to shoot their wedding next month!}

Friday, September 27, 2013

Samantha | Class of 2014 Senior Portraits

We photographed Samantha for her senior portraits a couple of months ago with her horses in Ocala. As senior portrait photographers, we strive to keep the seniors in their element and showcase who they are and the things that they are into. With our Experience sessions, we provide a hair and makeup artist to get the seniors looking their best. We like to refer to our sessions as "A model for the day experience" where we photograph them in a similar manner as we photograph our model clients. So from the hair and makeup to the posing, we treat them like a model for their session. It provides a unique experience that few studios can offer. We want to provide artwork for our clients to display in their homes.

Well Ocala is horse country and Samantha had two beautiful horses that she wanted to incorporate into the session. So after the hair and makeup, we took off to a Sholom Park and started the session there. We photographed a few outfits at the park and then went back to photograph Samantha with the horses. We finished just after sunset and got some amazing images that she can showcase in her home and take with her when she goes off to college. You did awesome Samantha!! Enjoy your senior year!

Powder Paint Family Session - Central Florida Portrait Photographer

Its almost October, to that means that its almost official Family Portrait month. October is the month where the majority of our clients do their family portraits for their Christmas cards. Rather than doing a traditional portrait session that all your friends and their families do, why not do something different? Well this session is just that... Different.

A couple of months ago we were asked to photograph a family session for a friend of one of our wedding clients. I spoke with her on the phone to get an idea on the type of session she would like to do. She told me she wanted something "Different and not like anything else any other family has done for their portraits". How refreshing. As a family portrait photographer, I cant count the number of times that we have been asked to photography family portraits on the beach with the clients wearing white and khaki (or jeans and black) or something along those lines. They are the cliche family portraits and not something that I like to embrace, but if the client is set on doing those types of portraits, we will do them.

But this client wanted different and we LOVE different. So we emailed back and forth a bit tossing around a few ideas and then it hit me. Why not a powder paint session? We did one for a few models a few weeks before the phone call, so I had a reference image to show the client. She LOVED it, so we began the planning process. Initially, she only wanted to do the powder paint, but I had recommended that we do a couple of "traditional" portraits since the last time she did a session, the kids were kids and now they are in High School. So it has been awhile. So she agreed, but eagerly wanted to do the powder paint portion.

Well the day arrives and we begin with the traditional portraits and then get crazy with the powder paint. Below is a sample of what we captured for them.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Danielle Maternity Session - Underwater - Citrus County Portrait Photographer

Like most women who are expecting a child, Danielle wanted to do a maternity session to document this stage of her life. However, she wanted something that is different and not something that you see everyday. So she contacted us to schedule the session and we came up with a session that included some underwater portraits. As one of the few photographers that is able to offer this service (and the only one with experience and professional equipment), we were able to provide her with something unique for her maternity session. We met back up again a few months later in Citrus County to do the "regular" portraits, but with out own little twist to it. As you will see, there is a LOT of yellow. She has decided to paint the baby's room yellow and wanted the pictures to match the room, since that is where they will be displayed. Enjoy some of our images from Danielle's maternity session!!

Daniela and Alberto - Gainesville Wedding Photographers

Daniela and Alberto recently got married in Gainesville Florida. As Gainesville Wedding Photographers, we had a blast photographing this couple throughout the University of Florida campus and other areas around Gainesville. However, these portraits went a little differently than most of our wedding portraits go. They actually did all their couple's portraits BEFORE the wedding. Thats right, Daniela threw on her dress and Alberto threw on a suit and tie and met us at the University of Florida two weeks before the wedding. Why would they do that you may ask... Well their wedding day timeline was very tight and they didnt have a lot of time for the creative portraits, which were very important to them. So they decided to be different and do them before the wedding.

And as wedding photographers, we have to be prepared for everything. So we met with them outside Ben Hill and went to town on their session. They are an amazing couple and we feel very privileged to have been chosen as their wedding photographers. Thanks guys. It was a blast!!

Here are a few from the portrait session and wedding day.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Michelle and Miguel | The Peabody Orlando | Central Florida Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Miguel got married at the Peabody resort in Orlando. As Central Florida Wedding Photographers , it was an honor to photograph at The Peabody for the first time. What a treat. If you are thinking about getting married there, DO IT!!!! The place is awesome and your photographer will thank you :)

Back to Michelle and Miguel. We shot their engagement session a few months ago in Clearwater on the beach. From that moment, we knew that we would love to photograph their wedding day at The Peabody. They were awesome in front of the camera and showed real emotion with each other. We have been looking forward to their wedding day for months and it did not disappoint.

A little background. They have the same exact initials. They also have pretty much the same last name already. In fact, Michelle only has to change one letter in her last name. How cool is that. Not only that, but you could tell they were meant for each other. Disney couldnt have made a better story if they tried.

Not only were Michelle and Miguel amazing, their bridal party was a blast to work with as well. They have some awesome friends and family. We love to create fun images with the bridal party and they did not disappoint. The entire day was a blast. Congratulations Michelle and Miguel!!! Thank you for having us as your photographers. It was a treat.

Here is some of what we saw (more after the jump)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Kaley and Alex | Sunken Gardens Wedding | Central Florida Wedding Photographer

We were honored that Kaley and Alex chose us to photograph their beautiful wedding at the Sunken Gardens in Central Florida. We love to photograph at new venues and have been able to provide our wedding photography services throughout most of the Central Florida area, it is becoming increasingly difficult to photograph in new venues. Well we have never photographed at Sunken Gardens before and when Kaley was explaining the layout to us, we got really excited. Not only were they getting married in an awesome location, Kaley and Alex trusted us with their wedding images, so they gave us full reign to do what we needed to do to get some awesome shots. We love when our clients trust us to capture their wedding day without providing us with a set list of poses they would like to do. This allows us to get more creative and provide images that the couple will cherish.

Kaley and Alex were no exception to this. They rocked it and had a beautiful wedding to boot. Cant get much better than that. Thank you guys for allowing us to provide our wedding photography services to you and allowing us to be a part of your day.

View more images by clicking below

Friday, March 15, 2013

Erica and Rob - A Day out theme Engagement Session - Central Florida Photographer

Erica and Rob joined us in Brooksville for their engagement session. We wanted to do something a little different than the normal sessions that we do, so we came up with a theme of "A Day Out" to utilize for their session. So we came up with a camping type look to use for the session. So the entire session took place around a lake and the look of taking a day out and enjoying themselves. It was a tad bit on the cold side, but they rocked it and pulled it off. Take a look and enjoy!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Courtney - Senior Portrait Session - Citrus County Senior Portrait Photographer

Our senior portrait sessions are a bit different than most other photographer's sessions. We get to know our clients and it gives us the unique opportunity to photograph them as they are. Our sessions are an experience and something that will be remembered. They are certainly not boring and definitely not your typical senior session. 

Courtney's Senior Portrait session was awesome. We went to a local park in the Citrus County area and had a blast shooting her. Here are a few images from her senior session.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hanna and Matt | Central Florida Wedding Photographers | Citrus County

Hanna and Matt had an amazing wedding in Hannah's backyard in Citrus County. As wedding photographers, we strive to capture the details of every wedding we photograph. Well, let me tell you, Hanna went all out for her wedding. And the best part of it all was that she did most of it herself (with the help of family of course). So all the table decorations, the theme of the entire wedding was created by her (and Pinterest). It was an amazing opportunity to photograph their wedding. We had a blast and got some awesome images for them. There are quite a few, so click below to open the entire post :)