Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Erica and John's Wedding

This was a very fun wedding to attend and photograph. Erica and John were a blast to work with. The wedding took place at a small local church and the reception was literally a few blocks down the road. Couldnt ask for anything much easier than that... not to mention the fact that it was local!!!! We do not get too many local weddings, so it was great to not have to drive for hours..

Back to the wedding.... I think this was the one and only time we have been to a reception and they watched tv more than they danced... Strange you say?? Not if you are huge University of Floria fans and were hoping that Tim Tebow would win the heisman trophy award. Now, with us being Florida State fans, we didnt care too much who won, but I digress :)

Here is a slideshow that we put together. It is not quite complete yet, but we will update it once it is. In the mean time... ENJOY!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

First Trash the Dress Session!!!

We recently finished our first Trash the Dress shoot. It was a blast. Hopefully we will be able to do several more of these sessions in the future. The hardest part of doing this is finding someone who is willing to "trash" their dress. Special thanks for a former bride of ours, Sara, for volunteering to do this session. Here are a few of the images.