Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Calli and Ben | The Historic Thomas Center | Gainesville Wedding Photographers

Calli and Ben got married  at the Historic Thomas Center in Gainesville, Florida. The Thomas Center provides some amazing opportunities to get some great images for your wedding. We love to photograph weddings there and Calli and Ben's was no exception.

Calli and Ben did both their wedding ceremony and the reception at the Thomas Center. Their wedding took place under a large oak tree that is on the property. The used the outside veranda area to host the cocktail hour and then the guest moved into the museum area for the reception.

Here is a bit of what we saw

Monday, August 4, 2014

Heather and Ed | Black Diamond Ranch Wedding | Citrus County Wedding Photographer

Recently, we had the privilege to photograph Heather and Ed's wedding at Black Diamond Ranch in Lecanto, Florida. We have photographed several weddings at Black Diamond and it provides for some AMAZING images. The Quarry provides an excellent background for the wedding. However, this wedding had its challenges. It was raining all day and the decision was made to do the wedding outside anyway. Just before they were to leave to be taken from the clubhouse to the Quarry, it stopped raining. The rain held off until after the ceremony and started again briefly as we were taking their portraits around the Quarry area.

One thing that is a bonus to being a wedding photographer in Florida is that you are always prepared for the rain. We tell all of our brides to expect some rain pictures if it happens to rain on their wedding day. Well sure enough, we got some images in the rain. Enjoy the images from their wedding day!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pick your Price Sessions | Central Florida Portrait Photography

We feel that everyone is deserving of having some amazing portraits done for themselves or for their family. Whether its senior portraits, family portraits or even model sessions, everyone deserves to have some amazing images created for them. However, cost can be a major factor when it comes to looking for a photographer to create these images for them.

Well, we decided to create a program to remove the biggest hurdle in getting some amazing images...


We will be offering 10 sessions that we are calling "Pick Your Price Sessions"

Its simple. Email us with a price that you would like to pay for your portraits and if its reasonable, we will accept it and schedule your session. Include the type of session you are wanting and the products that you would like from your session (prints, digital images, canvases). If we are unable to do it for that price, we will counter with a price that will hopefully work for both of us.

Here are the guidelines:

1) Only 10 spots are available

2) Sessions can be any of the following types: Senior, Family, Newborn, Maternity, Boudoir, Engagement, Bridal

3) Sessions dates are scheduled subject to studio availability. Certain dates cannot be guaranteed, so please call the studio if you have a specific date in mind

4) We offer a full range of products including prints, albums, canvases, metal prints, acrylic prints and acrylic blocks. A week or so after your session, you will be invited back to the studio to view your images and make your selections based on what your "Pick Your Price" included.

What is a "reasonable" offer?

Its pretty simple.. Its one that you are happy to pay and one that we are happy to accept. Keep in mind that this is our livelihood and that we need to cover our expenses at the very minimum. And since this is how we pay our bills, making a little money would be great too :)

So what are you waiting for?? Email us your offer at and lets create something awesome!! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Briana and JJ | Engagement Session at Percy Warner Park | Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer

A couple of months ago we had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session for Briana and JJ in Nashville, Tennessee where they are currently attending school. As a Central Florida wedding photographer,we were excited to get away from all the flat land and head into the mountains. We wanted to create some images for them that incorporated the beautiful scenery of the area. We decided to meet at Percy Warner Park and do the session there. If you ever visit the Nashville area, definitely make a stop at Percy Warner Park as it is an amazing place. We found that the park is HUGE and provided plenty of opportunities to create some awesome images. Here is a bit of what we created for them.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Melanie and Kenny | The Reach | Key West Wedding Photographer

We had the privilege of joining Melanie and Kenny in Key West for their wedding. They decided to get married at The Reach, which is one of the Waldorf Astoria properties. The property was amazing and provided us an opportunity to create some awesome images for them.

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is that we get to travel to some awesome locations for our client's weddings. We loved the opportunity to photograph Melanie and Kenny's wedding in Key West. We started at The Reach for the ceremony and a few family portraits, then we headed by tram to the Southern Most Point for another photo opportunity. From there, we headed to the A&B Lobster house for a reception dinner.

Overall it was an amazing wedding in Key West and we are glad that we could be part of Melanie and Kenny's wedding day!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Katherine & Daniel | The Thomas Center | Gainesville Wedding Photographers

A couple of weeks ago, we joined Katherine and Daniel to celebrate their wedding day. The got married at the Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Gainesville, Florida. It is the church that Daniel grew up in, so it held special meaning to them. It was more than just a church or venue to hold their ceremony. It was their family.

What an amazing couple and a beautiful wedding. As Gainesville wedding photographers, we get the opportunity to photograph at some amazing venues and churches around the Gainesville area. But this church stood out. Not only was it HUGE, it was very ornate. It provided an amazing opportunity to get some amazing images for Katherine and Daniel.

The reception took place at the Historic Thomas Center. If you have not been there, do yourself a favor and take a visit. You will not be disappointed. The Thomas Center provides for a variety of settings for your wedding images there. They have large oak trees, plenty of greenery, the old buildings... its a photographers paradise. Unfortunately, we didnt have a whole lot of time to do the creative portraits on the grounds of the Thomas Center, but as wedding photographers, we learn to work fast with the time given to us. So we were still able to create some AWESOME images for them on the grounds of the Thomas Center.

Thank you Katherine and Daniel for allowing us to be part of your day! Enjoy the images. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lindi and Paul - Engagment Session - Central Florida Wedding Photographer

As wedding photographers, we typically get "stuck" shoot the same things that we typically shoot. This isnt necessarily a bad thing since people hire us to do what we are good at and they trust us to create awesome images for them. However, on occasion we like to break the mold and step outside the box to do something creative and fun. Enter Lindi and Paul...

Lindi and Paul recently had us shoot their engagement pictures at Fort Cooper State Park in Central Florida (Citrus County). We wanted to offer something a little different than the traditional portraits that are normally taken. This was to be more of a couples type session along the lines of a Calvin Klein advertisement. So it was a little bit more sexy/intimate than most other sessions that we photograph, but since we shoot engagement sessions all over Central Florida, we wanted to do something different and outside the box. However, we feel that this type of engagement session provides our clients with images that they cherish more than the traditional type sessions because it shows how into each other they are. We got the shot for mom, but the rest of the session was about them and their personal relationship can be seen in these images. Its amazing and we LOVE the images that we created. Thank you Lindi and Paul for being AWESOME!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Victoria and Nick | Wedding at the Bayfront Marin House | St Augustine Wedding Photographer

We recently had the privelage of photographing Victoria and Nick's wedding in St Augustine Florida. They chose the Bayfront Marin House as the venue for their intimate wedding. Wedding photography to us is about capturing the emotion and memories from the wedding. You can tell how excited and in love Victoria and Nick are.

After the wedding was over, we took a brief walk around St Augustine and did some creative images with them. Part of the allure of St Augustine and the Bayfront Marin House is the old, colonial feel. We wanted to create images that gave that same intimate feel. Enjoy!