Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brittany and Gary

You've seen the video.. Now its time to see the images :)

This post is different than most of the others on here. We decided to post mostly desaturated, sepia or B&W images from the session. We felt that the desaturated color made these images stand out more and become more dramatic.

When talking about locations with our clients, we try to think of somewhere in the area where they live so that they do not have to drive too far. Well Brittany and Gary live near our studio, and as many know, Crystal River is not known for its perfect photographic backdrops. I mentioned a local beach that is pretty popular for pictures. It wasnt received too well at first because "Everyone does their pictures out there". I finally talked them into doing the session at the beach. As they saw, we are not like most other photographers who photograph at that location. We do a lot that many others do not even think of doing.. Many would not even know where the pictures were taken unless we told them.

So when thinking of locations for your session, do not worry if everyone does their pictures there. We can make them look different :)

Thanks again guys for an awesome session.

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Curtis Copeland said...

Beautiful images. Great work!