Monday, April 28, 2008

Denise and Justin

Here is another recent engagement session. I have known Denise and Justin since High School. I was just reminded how long ago that was... Man we are getting old... :)

Kristi and Eliot

Next up is an engagement session that we did in Lakeland. We started at Hollis Gardens and ended up wandering through out downtown Lakeland. Kristi and Eliot were awesome.. They were game for whatever I wanted to try... They even climbed up a 100ft rope gym at a park. How cool is that. Here are the images..

Family Portraits

Its been awhile since I have updated this blog. There has been a lot going on, so I havent had the time to update. So check back here often this week. I will be adding lots of new things and images.

Up first is a family session from a week ago. It was taken in a local park. The weather was great and the family was fun. The only challenge was that the children wanted to run and play in the park... not take pictures :) Those that have children understand this. Here are a few images.