Friday, September 27, 2013

Samantha | Class of 2014 Senior Portraits

We photographed Samantha for her senior portraits a couple of months ago with her horses in Ocala. As senior portrait photographers, we strive to keep the seniors in their element and showcase who they are and the things that they are into. With our Experience sessions, we provide a hair and makeup artist to get the seniors looking their best. We like to refer to our sessions as "A model for the day experience" where we photograph them in a similar manner as we photograph our model clients. So from the hair and makeup to the posing, we treat them like a model for their session. It provides a unique experience that few studios can offer. We want to provide artwork for our clients to display in their homes.

Well Ocala is horse country and Samantha had two beautiful horses that she wanted to incorporate into the session. So after the hair and makeup, we took off to a Sholom Park and started the session there. We photographed a few outfits at the park and then went back to photograph Samantha with the horses. We finished just after sunset and got some amazing images that she can showcase in her home and take with her when she goes off to college. You did awesome Samantha!! Enjoy your senior year!

Powder Paint Family Session - Central Florida Portrait Photographer

Its almost October, to that means that its almost official Family Portrait month. October is the month where the majority of our clients do their family portraits for their Christmas cards. Rather than doing a traditional portrait session that all your friends and their families do, why not do something different? Well this session is just that... Different.

A couple of months ago we were asked to photograph a family session for a friend of one of our wedding clients. I spoke with her on the phone to get an idea on the type of session she would like to do. She told me she wanted something "Different and not like anything else any other family has done for their portraits". How refreshing. As a family portrait photographer, I cant count the number of times that we have been asked to photography family portraits on the beach with the clients wearing white and khaki (or jeans and black) or something along those lines. They are the cliche family portraits and not something that I like to embrace, but if the client is set on doing those types of portraits, we will do them.

But this client wanted different and we LOVE different. So we emailed back and forth a bit tossing around a few ideas and then it hit me. Why not a powder paint session? We did one for a few models a few weeks before the phone call, so I had a reference image to show the client. She LOVED it, so we began the planning process. Initially, she only wanted to do the powder paint, but I had recommended that we do a couple of "traditional" portraits since the last time she did a session, the kids were kids and now they are in High School. So it has been awhile. So she agreed, but eagerly wanted to do the powder paint portion.

Well the day arrives and we begin with the traditional portraits and then get crazy with the powder paint. Below is a sample of what we captured for them.