Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lindi and Paul - Engagment Session - Central Florida Wedding Photographer

As wedding photographers, we typically get "stuck" shoot the same things that we typically shoot. This isnt necessarily a bad thing since people hire us to do what we are good at and they trust us to create awesome images for them. However, on occasion we like to break the mold and step outside the box to do something creative and fun. Enter Lindi and Paul...

Lindi and Paul recently had us shoot their engagement pictures at Fort Cooper State Park in Central Florida (Citrus County). We wanted to offer something a little different than the traditional portraits that are normally taken. This was to be more of a couples type session along the lines of a Calvin Klein advertisement. So it was a little bit more sexy/intimate than most other sessions that we photograph, but since we shoot engagement sessions all over Central Florida, we wanted to do something different and outside the box. However, we feel that this type of engagement session provides our clients with images that they cherish more than the traditional type sessions because it shows how into each other they are. We got the shot for mom, but the rest of the session was about them and their personal relationship can be seen in these images. Its amazing and we LOVE the images that we created. Thank you Lindi and Paul for being AWESOME!!

Contact us if you are looking to do something different for your Engagement Portraits. We are available for travel throughout Florida as well as throughout the country. Let us create something unique for your engagement portraits.

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