Thursday, August 1, 2013

Daniela and Alberto - Gainesville Wedding Photographers

Daniela and Alberto recently got married in Gainesville Florida. As Gainesville Wedding Photographers, we had a blast photographing this couple throughout the University of Florida campus and other areas around Gainesville. However, these portraits went a little differently than most of our wedding portraits go. They actually did all their couple's portraits BEFORE the wedding. Thats right, Daniela threw on her dress and Alberto threw on a suit and tie and met us at the University of Florida two weeks before the wedding. Why would they do that you may ask... Well their wedding day timeline was very tight and they didnt have a lot of time for the creative portraits, which were very important to them. So they decided to be different and do them before the wedding.

And as wedding photographers, we have to be prepared for everything. So we met with them outside Ben Hill and went to town on their session. They are an amazing couple and we feel very privileged to have been chosen as their wedding photographers. Thanks guys. It was a blast!!

Here are a few from the portrait session and wedding day.

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