Monday, June 25, 2012

Concept Engagement Session: One Man's Trash is another's treasure - Demi and Brandon

How many times can you say that you have seen an engagement session (or portraits for that matter) involving trash bags, dumpsters and other "unsightly" things? Chances are you haven't seen anything like it.. And that is how we like it. We want to do things the push the limits of what is accepted as the norm. With so many photographers these days all doing the same things, we want to stand out. We want to provide you with an experience and a fun session. It certainly not for everyone and that is the point. We want clients that are into our ideas and that will trust us to provide them some awesome images, even if it involves dumpsters :)

We are wanting to do more storytelling with our sessions, especially the engagement sessions. So for this session, I wanted to do something along the lines of the saying "One man's trash is another's treasure". The idea is that she has had boyfriends in the past that have not wanted her and have set her aside (the "trash"). Then along comes her now fiance to find his treasure that someone else didnt want. So I figured, lets take it a step further and actually do the session by dumpsters and with trash bags as the outfit. They were game for it and had a blast with the session. This is what resulted.

I think its pretty evident that Demi can rock a trash bag dress

And of course we got a few for the parents/grandparents :)

Thanks guys for an awesome session. It was a blast being able to photograph this concept for you.

If you are interested in a custom Engagement Session such as this, let us know and we would love to plan something with you. We are located in Central Florida, but available for travel.

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