Monday, June 8, 2009

Jennifer and Scott -- Tuscany on the Meadows

Jennifer and Scott got married on Saturday at Fort Island Gulf Beach in Crystal River. We were a little concerned with the weather as it rained all day, but fortunately it stopped around 3:45 for their 4pm wedding. They came down from Massachusetts to get married on the beach, so they were going to do it regardless... rain or shine.. The reception took place at the Tuscany on the Meadows and not a drop of rain fell from the sky the rest of the night

Jennifer and Scott gave us full creative freedom when it came to the pictures, which is nice because it gives us plenty of time to do what we want :) It totally paid off and we got some awesome images. As wedding photographers, we love the fact that most of our clients are willing to do pretty much anything we ask them to. Its awesome that they have that much trust in us to provide images that they will cherish for years to come.

Here are a few from the wedding

This is one of our favorites


J. Hunter said...

All that hard work paid off! It only took us about 2 dozen sparklers. :)

Collette said...

You look gorgious, Congradulations!! You are finally married and you both make a beautiful couple. I can't get over how the pictures came out. There are no words to even describe other than....amazing!!!