Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Renee and Jim

We had the opportunity to photograph Renee and Jim's wedding at St Augustine Catholic Church in Gainesville. It was a beautiful ceremony and an awesome reception (more on that later). Large churches have their challenges when photographing inside them.. This time, the challenge was walking what felt like a half mile from the back to the front to get some shots during the ceremony. Not only did I do this once, but I did it like 10 times. I guess I need to start running again.. :)

Anyway... on to the images.... Enjoy

I love this next shot.. It is almost like I caught him doing something he shouldn't have been doing.

One of my favorite ring shots.

The reception was at the Thomas Center in Gainesville. This is the first time I have been there. This place was AMAZING!!! The only complaint I have, was that I didn't have as much time as I wanted do more shots due to a longer than expected ceremony.. Oh and it was a little hot.. All is good though. We had a blast.

This shot is awesome. The inside of the Thomas Center had a second floor all the way around. The cake was placed just below the railing on the far side. Valerie took a few shots from above for the cake cutting. It brings a unique angle that we don't get to do very often.

I want to apologize for posting this later than I said I would. I decided to change the look of the blog and wanted this to be the first post in the new format. Let us know what you think.


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS PICTURES!!!!! Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Jenny-Sister of the Bride :o)

Anonymous said...

These pics are FABULOUS! Some VERY creative stuff. The dress shot in the room, the cake shot from upstairs, and the ringbearers "guilty" expression! One GREAT one of bride and groom... the list goes on and on... cant wait to see more! Renee' (bride:)

Anonymous said...

I love the couple, loved the reception and the exquisite photos keep the majic alive. The candids are my favorites. MORE PLEASE!