Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ashley and Kyle-- Dade City

Ashley and Kyle got married yesterday at a family friend's house in Dade City. Usually, when people tell us they are getting married in a backyard, we are kinda skeptical. We go there thinking "Where are we going to find a place to do pictures without seeing the house.." Well, we couldn't have been more wrong in this case as well as many of the cases in the past.

This place was GORGEOUS!!! The property was huge and offered plenty of space for photographs. The ceremony too place overlooking a large but semi-private lake. They had a cool dock that we used in several of the pictures. We couldn't have been more impressed with this "simple" back yard wedding.

It also helps to have clients that are awesome to work with and let us have free range to do pretty much what we want. Its always nice to have someone tell us that the pictures are one of the most important things and that they will change the schedule to accommodate. Its an awesome feeling knowing that our work is truly appreciated.

As a result, we are having one of biggest blog posts to date. It was hard going through and picking out these images to show you, so hopefully you will all enjoy looking at them!! :)

This first image is what the lake looked like shortly after the ceremony ended

They had very bright and vibrant colors as you can see here. AWESOME!!!

This is what we put our clients through to get some awesome shots. If you are afraid to get wet, dirty, etc.. then we are not the photographers for you :) Don't worry.. we do crazy stuff as well as you will see below. Thanks guys!

To get this shot, I had to climb up a tree about 20 feet to what looked like a base of a tree stand. Not sure what its used for normally, but it allowed us to get this shot :)

One of our favorite candid moments ever!! Ashley and her dad as they watch Kyle dance with his mom.

Thanks guys for being so easy to work with. We had a blast!!

We have several more weddings and a few portrait sessions coming soon.. so keep checking back to see what we have been up to.


Last of the Southern belles said...

I had the same doubts that you did before seeing the property but it was spectacular! You did an excellent job of capturing the ambiance of the location and the relaxed but loving atmosphere of the wedding without being at all intrusive. Barbara Blann (aunt to the groom) Franklin, TN

Anonymous said...
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